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We take care of creating the most desirable moments for you and your companions. Ensuring the high quality or our destinations and outstanding effort of our staff.


The best selection of houses in the Dominican Republic.

We select meticulously wonderful properties either for vacation rentals or sale all around the island of the Dominican Republic, where you can create memorable moments as a gratifying guest or as an owner.



Through our recognition, we seek on the stamp on trust and loyalty of our customers and family, of leisure and desirable experiences.



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Airport transfers

In all our airport transfers, you will enjoy personalized, door-to-door travel, offering a quality service and availability in many languages as our drivers are bilingual.

Cocktail classes

Whichever service you need, our team is dedicated to delivering the creativity and execution required to achieve the ultimate extraordinary experience.

Massage therapist

Massage is not only necessary for the body, but also good for the mind and spirit: experience a decrease in stress and an improvement in well-being with our trained staff.


Babysitting entails taking full responsibility for the health and welfare of children when their parents are away. Sitters are entrusted with every aspect of childcare from meals to hygiene to educational activities.

Grocery delivery

A grocery delivery service will do the food shopping for customers. offering additional services to your customers to help them plan their meals.

Personal chef

A personal chef is a qualified cook who prepares for his or her clients, designing a meal plan according to each person's dietary needs and preferences.

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